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(12) Preparations, Sea Trials Part  III



3 Island Crossing S.P., Glenn's Ferry, Idaho
Late October 2016

Let's Go Camping
Fall 2016
Even though Linda and I have been camping for over 40 years, we haven't been camping for a while and it's been even longer since we were in our primitive tent trailer.

The Ranchero and the trailer make a great camping outfit. I have to say that this overnight campout to Three Island Crossing State Park Idaho went smoothly. Three Island Crossing was one of the points where the Oregon Trail crossed the Snake River. There is an annual reenactment of the crossing held every summer. The crossing is still treacherous and there have been horses lost during these reenactments.

Image result for 3 island crossing reenactment
Reenactment of Oregon Trail Snake River Crossing
(Internet photo)
We made the decision to be simple in our approach to camping. No need to unnecessarily complicate things here. We have a tent to provide shelter over our heads which has 2 beds in it. When we were first married in 1977 we shared a bed. Now those beds look a little bit smaller. We've decided to each take a side. There is no room for the kids to come along this time.

A Cozy Bed
While we've simplified our approach we decided that the Ranchero gives us the opportunity to carry a little more luggage. We purchased a pair of folding bicycles and they easily fit into the Ranchero.

Unfortunately we were not able to go camping before mid October 2016. We only got in one outing, although we will plan to go again in the spring. The weather was pleasant, although it took me a while to recognize the sound of the leaves falling on the roof of the tent. We feel like are set.

Camp Backyard- April 30 2017

We had hoped to get out of town to a campground. Unfortunately the spring weather would not cooperate. Weather limited us to the backyard, but we thought camping again was worthwhile to assure ourselves that we were taking everything we needed, but no more. The weather was chilly, in the mid-30's, although we stayed warm in the tent trailer. This was reassuring as I'm anticipating some cold nights in Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

The camp was well equipped and comfortable. We were even able to have a fire, and the price was definitely right! 

Camp Backyard, April 30, 2017

One of the well equipped fire pits at Camp Backyard
Things went smooth and we were able to identify some supplies we need to take along for the trip which is now just weeks away.

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