Friday, June 30, 2017

(38) Sleeping (We Hope) within sight of our goal.

June 30, 2017
A Pleasant Ride in the Country

John, our driver and tour guide shows us a little of  the Pennsylvania countryside
Today we left our campground by 7:30 and headed into town for breakfast.  As we packed and folded up the tent trailer I chuckled to myself that here we had the worst of both worlds. We had the smell of the horses from the Amish farm adjacent to the campground and we had the traffic sound from US Highway 30. I don't mean that to sound as bad as it does, it really was a nice campsite.

Campsite which looked onto a cornfield in Amish Country
But it's amazing how the sound of the traffic travels spoils and otherwise splendid scene. As for the smell of the farm, that's to be expected.

Oh Boy! Shoo Fly Pie.

Bird in Hand, Pa.
We had breakfast and then headed for the town of "Bird in Hand" where we took a wagon ride to an Amish farm and received a tour. John, our guide and teamster gave a nice tour and was very capable and an expert with the horses.
Hardware store, perhaps the oldest in America.
Amish Rules prohibit riding a Bicycle,
but these scooters are fine.

Oh no! Here come more tourists.

When we noticed the alfalfa was harvested wet and in rolls I asked John how that was accomplished without modern machinery. John explained that the Amish have relaxed some of their rules with respect to machinery in order to help keep Amish working on the farm.

Just woke up.

High Tech Amish Solar Powered Clothes Dryer

Contented Cow
The farm was very neat and orderly. The cows looked contented.  All in all, it was a very interesting visit.
1865 Barn showing peg and beam construction.

"The Corn was  as High as an elephant's eye...


Trenton Postcard
Trenton's Lincoln Motel

We then got on the highway and headed for New Jersey. We travelled through Trenton, then stopped at the Edison Museum in Edison Township, New Jersey.

Edison Memorial Tower

Last Night before hitting New York City!
We are within 30 miles of New York City. I guess you could say that we are sleeping within sight of the city, if only I knew which way to look. Actually, our view was obstructed by the thick forest here at the park. Tonight we will sleep with most of our belongings packed so that we can break camp in a hurry. It is our plan to leave the campsite by 6:30 AM. We will then drive into New York City and see Times Square. Then, I want to get the heck out of there!

When we checked in to the campground we were told that if the New Jersey legislature does not pass a budget for the next fiscal year by midnight, that the state will run out of money and that we will be asked to leave the campground regardless of the hour. We were told that we could apply for a refund should this potentiality become a reality. Maybe we will get an even earlier start for the city.

Sleep well!

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  1. If the state is going to run out of money, who will be asking you to vacate? I suspect there are rules about state workers laboring away for no pay.