Sunday, June 18, 2017

(27) Fremont California to Fremont Nebraska in 40 Years

June 17, 1977
(27) June 17, 2017, Lexington Nebraska to Fremont Nebraska

Anniversary June 17, 1977 - June 17, 2017

Forty years ago I married Linda. I asked her to marry me because I was madly in love with her. Since that time my love for her has only grown. She has tolerated me and she has been a wonderful mother to our three children. She is also a wonderful grandmother to our two grandchildren.

The Marriage has aged better
than the wine
On our honeymoon and we went camping. We camped in the same tent trailer  that is with us on this trip. Before you start thinking ill of me, we are staying in a nice hotel tonight. Last night was another story. We stayed in the field at the fairgrounds in Lexington Nebraska.

Shall we cut the cake now?

We were married in the church that Linda grew up in by a minister she had known most of her life. Nonetheless, he was nervous and started reciting and began stalling for time and using adjectives to describe Linda. Linda, always the cool head, very quietly said "Linda". He then remembered her name, said "Linda" and we got on with the show.

Today's Trip

Today we passed through a number of Nebraska towns in quick succession. I will post photos, but will only mention Kearney's arch museum, 1733 Ranch marking the halfway point  of the Lincoln Highway and Grand Island where we had a Milkshake, sat at the Lunch Counter and ate a Coney Dog. I will let you sort it out, Linda and I are off to dinner. I have a hot date!

West of Kearney on the Lincoln

Former sight of 1733 Ranch. 1733 Ranch was recognized
as the mid point on The Lincoln Highway

Covered Wagon Souvenir stand, Kearney, Ne. 
The Arch extends over both lanes of I-80 at Kearney, Nebraska. Well worth
the stop. Museum is very well done.
View of I-80 from the Arch.
1733 Ranch in the 1920's (Photo from 1974 American
Heritage  Magazine)

Halfway on the Lincoln Highway recreation of
1733 sign is part of a display at the arch

At least we didn't end up like this.
Oregon Trail Display at the Arch

Lincoln Highway Display at the Arch

Diner display at the arch.

After Kearney we continued east towards Fremont, our stop for the night. We stopped for a milkshake an Coney dog in Grand Island. Grand Island is a beautiful City.

Courthouse at Grand Island Nebraska

Coney Island Lunch Room in Grand Island.

At the Lunch Counter, Coney Island Lunch room.

1933 Menu at Coney Island Lunch Room

Coney Island Lunch Room, opened in 1933 and run by the same
family for 3 generations. George Katrouzes is the grandson
of the founder.

Kensinger Service Station, Grand Island, Nebraska.

"You want to do what on our 40th anniversary?"


  1. Happy Anniversary! Glad it's picking up. Guess the mustang really is becoming "the milkshake car!"

    1. ...And with the improved Mileage, I will probably save enough to pay for the repairs.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Loving the stories of your journey

  3. What a great story. We are so happy that you chose "our" Fremont to visit today. Look at those smiles from 1977. They are still there in your pics from today. And you're still holding hands across the table!! Keep bringing joy and smiles to those on the road ahead of you. We look forward to catching up on your blog and following along.

    Bill and Karen H. Fremont Nebraska

  4. Happy Anniversary! I give odds someone lost money today because they bet Linda would poison Bill before they got to 40. And the picture at the top??? Linda looks like a normal, lovely, radiant bride. Bill looks like he's 10 and off to try to conduct a jazz band.

    1. Carl, I think you're probably right which is all the more reason for me to appreciate my wife.

  5. Happy Anniversary from your flower girl! I remember your wedding fondly - one of the Big Events of my early years. I'm also enjoying the blog. Looks like so much fun!

    1. Thank You Flower Girl.
      From Your Uncle Bill

  6. You couldn't have picked a better day than June 17. (I took my bride on the same day... 3 years later.) Karen is still radiant... Bill has faded a bit, it looks like, but is holding up OK.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. (I got hooked up via the Boise Guardian.) Since we got married 3 years later, perhaps we can follow in your footsteps, 3 years from now!

    1. June 17 is indeed a lucky day to get married. Hope you decide to make the journey.

  7. I am finally taking the time to sit and read your blog! Happy belated anniversary and so glad I was able to celebrate with you 40 years ago! And better yet, we're still friends! Safe travels!