Monday, June 19, 2017

(28) Fremont Nebraska to Lakeview Iowa

Statue of Honest Abe in John C. Fremont park in
Fremont, Nebraska
The bed in the hotel was comfortable so we decided to sleep in. We leisurely packed up the car for the day's journey and then went to church. At the church Linda met another teacher and I met another Bill. Linda enjoyed a pleasant conversation with Karen, but in Bill I found a kindred spirit.

Bill's beautiful 1954 Chevrolet.
Even a Ford guy can appreciate it
Bill has a 1954 Chevrolet Del Ray and while he has lovingly restored it I can see by the bugs on the hood that he also drives it. I felt sad that I didn't have my Ranchero along on the trip.

Bill and his wife Karen invited us to lunch at a restaurant called Runza's. At Runza's, they serve Runzas which is a sandwich of spicy ground beef and cabbage in a pocket. Apparently, it was enjoyed by German immigrants.
Lunch with Bill and Karen
It was delicious! It is also a sneaky way of getting people to eat cabbage.

During lunch Bill and I talked cars and Linda and Karen discussed teaching. As much as we were enjoying the lunch, it was time for Linda and I to move on to Iowa, but first we diverted to John C. Fremont Park to photograph a statue of President Lincoln.
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge

Rather than going through Omaha, we followed a newer alignment of the Lincoln Highway and crossed the Missouri at Blair. One of the reasons I wanted to cross at Blair was because one of my old postcards shows the bridge at Blair.
June 18, 2017
Unfortunately, that bridge is gone. The railroad bridge which resembles the 1928 automobile bridge is still there. It can be seen in the background of the postcard. The new automobile bridge on which we cross the muddy Missouri into Iowa is now behind rail bridge.

After crossing the bridge we made our way to the town of                                                  Woodbine to look at some original Lincoln Highway
                                      brick pavement.
Nebraska and Iowa are Lincoln
Highway Country!
We also stopped at an old gas station in Woodbine. We then motored on to Dunlap and admired some of the beautiful buildings in Dunlap.

Woodbine Iowa

For me one of the nice things about being in Nebraska and Iowa is that I no longer have to explain Lincoln Highway is. The Lincoln Highway was incredibly important to the history of the Midwest. Nebraskans and Iowans are proud of. School children learn about it. The Lincoln Highway and the "Good Roads Movement" brought the Midwest out of the mud.
Dunlap Iowa

Window detail of Dunlap Building

Buildings in Dunlap Iowa
We left Lincoln Highway at Denison and are driving north towards the small-town of Curlew. Curlew is where my great-great-grandparents homesteaded and broke prairie. My great-grandfather's sister wrote an account entitled: "Pioneer Life in Palo Alto County". While I don't think anything is left of the family farm and homestead, I believe their graves are still in Curlew. We will pay a visit tomorrow and then come back to Lakeview for another night at this beautiful campground.
Substitute wheat for the corn and you would think you were
in the Palouse Empire of Washington and Idaho

Beach at Campground in Lakeview Iowa

Tuesday it is off to Denison, which is everyone knows is the birthplace of Donna Reed. Dennison is also hosting the Lincoln Highway conference this year.

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